SEO Marketing Services

SEO Marketing MiamiSEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the action of optimizing your website by utilizing on-page and off-page techniques. The goal of SEO is to bring organic traffic to your website. Organic is another word for FREE traffic. This is the opposite of paying Google to show your page in the search results. Essentailly it’s free advertising for your business. Think of SEO as an investment.

These SEO techniques contribute to how likely your website is to appear at the top of the search engines results. And as any business owner knows, being found on Google, Bing, or Yahoo is key to generating new leads and further developing existing business.

These search engines are the “Yellow Pages” of today. At Framelytics, our ultimate goal is to help you grow your business. We’re in the business of keeping you in business. This is especially crucial in a market as competitive as South Florida. Call us today for a free 30-minute in-person consultation.

Proven SEO Methodology

We know what works  and what doesn’t. We’ve learned how to leverage numerous SEO marketing tactics to increase your website’s visibility in the SERP’s.

Stage 1. Initial Consultation
The initial consultation is important, especially if you’re not familiar with SEO. Without an in-depth understanding of your business, your goals, and your objectives, our hands are tied. We will study your business, competition, and current state in an effort to develop the most effective internet marketing strategy for your company.

Stage 2. Market Research
We research and identify target market(s) – segmenting customers based on their internal and external needs and values.

Stage 3. Competitive Research
We research your competitors online marketing strategies and identify the the best direction and strategy to take with your business.

Stage 4. Internet Marketing Plan
We design a comprehensive project plan designed to meet your marketing objectives, perform keyword research, and work with you to prioritize your keyword list.

Stage 5. Implementation
We work closely with you on each and every step of the project plan. Nothing is implemented unless approved by you first. We measure results every month. You will receive a custom report every month with the critical stats that will help us improve your campaign every month on an ongoing basis.

We are a Miami SEO Services company. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can jump start or improve your online presence.