Video Marketing is a Powerful Tool

video marketing miamiVideo Marketing is a Powerful Tool

Video marketing isn’t new–at least not the basic idea of it. However, for years, countless companies have poured tons of money and energy into video production. And even though video is a powerful medium, many times their efforts fizzled. Lackluster results could be attributed to a number of reasons, but many times it’s simply due to the lack of promotion or publicity the video gets. In fact, today more than ever, companies think that YouTube is the answer to their problems. In a way, they’re right. However, if your videos aren’t being optimized (VSEO) for  YouTube, you’re likely to be disappointed with your videos reach and impact.


Video Marketing is Perfect for Your Business

At Framelytics, we focus on creating beautifully crafted videos, we then create your YouTube page with all the bells and whistles. Our internet marketing team will then conduct keyword research for terms that your video should be ranked for. We use the data to optimize your YouTube page. Once your video is all prepped and ready for it’s audience, we begin to track the analytics data. In other words, we track how any views your video gets, where the views are coming from, how long on average each viewer watches, etc. This data is used to craft your current and future video marketing projects.

Google Loves Videos

Did you know that Google loves videos? That explains why they purchased YouTube, making it the second largest search engine (second to Google) in the world. So when someone searches for “How to clean a moldy shower,” Google will serve up results with videos showing you how to clean your moldy shower. This is where your business can shine. If you own a professional cleaning service, your videos, if properly optimize (VSEO), will show up and will serve as a helpful tool for the potential customer. I know what you’re thinking: “Why would I want to show someone how to do what I’m charging for?” The answer is simple: Customers feel much more comfortable and are more likely to do business with a company that’s helpful and comes across as honest. Your video lets that person know that you’re not tryting to “nickel and dime” them to death. It’s a way of saying ” hey, I do this for a living, but I don’t mind sharing some of my tips and tricks.” It shows that you’re a reputable local business as well.

Video Marketing Drives Traffic to Your Website

When potential  customers come across your company’s videos, the next logical step is to connect with your website to learn more. Once on your website, this is your time to sell them. They need to see a professional design and nice images. This will seal the deal. Get in touch with us to discuss your video marketing options.

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