Video Marketing Services

Looking for video marketing services in Miami? Video has always been used as a means to market a product or business. However, when we refer to “video marketing” we’re  referring to the tactics used to market the video itself. In other words, once the video is shot and edited, that’s when the marketing (promotion) of the video takes place. We use several SEO techniques to optimize your video on YouTube and on your website.

Unfortunately, many companies invest time and money into video production services, but they fail to follow through with a sound marketing and distribution strategy for their finished videos. What’s the point of making a professional video if no one is going to see it?

Videographer Miami FLThe solution is Video SEO. VSEO is what actually helps your video and/or website rank higher in the search engines. By way of optimizing your videos, when a potential customer searches for your service or products, your website will be more likely to show up for those terms.This is key to the succes of your online presence, because studies indicate that 70% of internet users do not click on page 2 of Google results. They will simply alter their search keywords and conduct another search.  This essentially means that if you’re not on page 1, you’ve lost 70% of your potential market.

But don’t fret–that’s where we come in. Our team of digital marketing specialist will not only produce a beautifully crafted video for you, but will optimize it so that you get the biggest bang for your buck!

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